About iEnterprise

iEnterprise was founded in 2012 with a social mission to unleash neglected productivity especially from people with disability and underprivileged community.  Dr. Ilex Lam, Founder of iEnterprise, and his partners believe that everyone is born with unique talent and deserves to enjoy equal opportunity in society. They integrate financial, human and social capital with a Tripartite Collaboration Model in which social enterprises, commercial partners and NGOs can work together to generate both financial benefit and social impact via “Shared Values Business Unit”

Thanks to the outsourcing contract of telephone enquiry -1083 from HKBN(01310.HK)and the partnership with HK Rehab Power, iEnterprise call center was launched in Feb 2014,providing employment opportunities with flexible working hours for 13 people with disabilities and involuntary retirees. The quality and performance standard of this call center team was highly recognized when they received professional award from HK Call Center Association after only eight months of operation.

Dr. Ilex Lam was invited to share his experience and present his research paper titled with “Tripartite Collaborative Model – Value Creation Experience of iEnterprise with Corporate and NGO”at the International Scientific Conference of “Efficiency is the Source of Wealth of Nation” in Europe in 2014. He became one of the contributing authors of the book.“The Essence and Measurement of Organizational Efficiency” published by Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics.

iEnterprise Tripartite Collaborative Model was further exemplified in public media and research journal as follows:

  • Our Hong Kong Foundation Report for “Social Innovation for a Better Hong Kong” comparing in parallel with the achievement of successful “Bee and Tree” Model in UK in 2015
  • Both Chinese and English channels of Hong Kong Television Broadcast (TVB) through prime time featured “Creative-Hong Kong Special 敢創香港” in 2016.
  • A case model in “Innovation that Unlock the Resources of Business for the Common Good” by Asia Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy of National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2017.
  • Outstanding collaboration example of “social procurement” featured in the Hong Kong Council of Social Services in 2019

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