Service Contracts

iEnterprise serves as an employer (NOT an employment agent) and team up with NGOs and corporates for talents recruitment and business contracts respectively. iEnterprise takes care of employee administration and MPF, talents training program and quality assurance program to meet with internal professional standard and business partners’ designated KPIs. 

iEnterprise creates job opportunity via different mode of operation and services contracts as follows:

  1. Home Office Contract: With the consent of business partner, the outsourced customer service can be done by iEnterprise Home Office Team out of individual home office
  2. Outsourcing Contract: Employees work within iEnterprise centralized office to deliver wide range of customer and Hotline service requested by business partners
  3. Secondment/Insourcing Contract: A team of iEnterprise employees work in business partner’s office to deliver the required service
  4. Sales Contract: iEnterprise telesales team works with business partners under sales agreement