Tripartite Collaborative Model (TCM)

Tripartite Collaborative Model


To unleash neglected productivity of people with disability and underprivileged community by strategic partnerships among business and social services providers and promote the vision of a livable city, “leaving no one behind”.

Business Model

Tripartite Collaborative Model starts from seven value drivers of iEnterprise and develops Shared Values Business Unit (SVBU) by integrating stakeholder interest with a win-win commercial partnership and co-creating tangible economic benefit alongside with intended impactful outcomes.

Share Values Business Unit – Service Scope

  1. “Customer Service – Hotline” managed by iEnterprise in-house team.
  2. “Customer Service – Hotline and SOS Emergency Call” managed by iEnterprise offsite home office team.
  3. Customer Service – providing Online Chat services ranging from general product/service plan enquiry, aftersales service to questions on customer invoicing and payment confirmation in both Chinese and English language
  4. Customer Relationship Management for both inbound and outbound call services for startups and SMEs.
  5. Telesales and Marketing Service for online services platforms.
  6. Quality assurance service of Information/Web Accessibility Service and customized IT solutions
  7. Building Information Modeling (BIM)/Artificial Intelligence (AI)/BIG Data Management  
  8. Coworking space offered to strategic partners
  9. Market survey and business consultancy service
ienterprise shared values business units review and project 2018-2020

Value Drivers of iEnterprise – SUCCESS

  • Sustainability
  • Universal Design
  • Collaboration
  • Caring Environment
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Servant Leadership
  • Self Reliance

Win-Win Economic Outcome:

  • Improved productivity
  • Better return on investment
  • Enhanced brand value
  • Intended social impact

Social Impact:

  • Employment opportunity to align neglected talents with professional standards
  • Enhanced education and productivity with assistive technology
  • Digital and financial inclusion for a sustainable community
  • Better livelihood via impact economy