Dear colleagues, clients, partners, advisors, fellow alumni and  supporters,

Thanks again for your continued trust and support.  We are pleased to update you on how our small team of social enterprise responded to the current unprecedented pandemic crisis with our mission of “Equal Opportunity in an Inclusive Community” and leveraged our resources with collective power to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 towards 54,000 members of vulnerable groups and grassroots community in HK through the embryonic development of “Civil Resources Matching Project” for Mask (MCRM) since April, 2020.

  1. Due to the pandemic turbulence worldwide, the market price of mask stayed at extraordinary high price and volatile (fluctuating around 5 – 20 times than normal price!).

  2. Vulnerable and grassroots community was hard hit as reported that about 0.5 % and over 30% of HK people were wearing no mask or one mask being used for more than 7 days respectively after the outbreak of coronavirus.(Note 1, Note 2)

  3. Civil Resources Matching Project for Mask (MCRM) was initiated by PORI and iEnterprise aiming to encourage civil obligation to support each other in our community.  Our voluntary MCRM IT and Mask Hotline team worked together to develop the mask donation matching system and provide enquiry service to facilitate donation from donors’ surplus mask to the needy. Special thanks to the volunteers of Boy’s Brigade, HK and Social Career for their support in collecting and distributing masks regardless of the challenges arising from the social distancing measures. (Note 3)

  4. Having supported by 49 community centres and service projects , together with churches, volunteers and social workers throughout 18 administrative districts, MCRM volunteer team has gradually built an online intelligent platform matching mask donation according to donors’ choice of location, emergency criteria and shortage ratio of individual target beneficiary group in different districts.

  5. Our sample of 54,000 members of grass root community and vulnerable groups revealed over 300,000 pieces of mask shortage in April. However, the mask donation could fill the gap partially far less than expected due to the general fear of shortage of mask amid the prolonged age of COVID-19. (Note 4)

  6. Thanks to HK Health Care Alliance and Wai Chi Holding, a HK listed company (1305.HK) with mask production capacity, a designated among of stock of certified protective face mask (EN14683, Type II, BEF>98%) is available for sales and purchase for donation via MCRM platform starting from June 22, 2020.  (MCRM Donate and Purchase Platform)

  7. This new“purchase for donation”initiative can facilitate both purposes of donation and donor’s own use at preferential price whilst NGOs can enjoy additional among of mask donation with uniformity of quality as well as purchasing it at welfare price.

  8. Going forward, MCRM project will be improved with a sustainable model to map critical civil resources for different vulnerable groups within our community.  We humbly look forward to your further advice and collaboration opportunity.

As government payout scheme is coming soon, University research scholar just revealed that the degree of happiness for both giver and beneficiary will be uplifted after the course of donation. ( 葉兆輝鼓勵港人1萬元轉贈基層「你快樂所以我快樂」

It will be great if you can help donate and purchase mask via MCRM in a way to make ourselves and our community safer and happier against the new age of pandemic impact. (MCRM Donate and Purchase Platform)

Your sharing this message to your network of likeminded fellows for their support will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Dr. Ilex Lam
iEnterprise Foundation
(MCRM Donate and Purchase Platform) &
Mask Hotline (37074333)