Dr Ilex Lam as the judge of HKSEC

On 18 March 2023, the founder of iEnterprise, Dr Ilex Lam was invited and served as one of the judges in the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC) organised by the Centre for Entrepreneurship of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, sponsored by Home and Youth Affairs Bureau. It aims to accelerate the growth of youth-led social enterprises through education, competition and incubation. 

The judging criteria are based on the concept of understanding social issues and need and how it is incorporated into the business model. The context demonstrates the understanding of factors affecting the business operation, such as market demands, regulatory requirements, tax etc. and ways to manage them. The people, and how the team acquire and utilise their talents and skills to accomplish its goals. The social impact, demonstration of how the business model could generate positive social impact. Business sustainability demonstrates that the business model is self-sustainable to generate social impact.