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Impact of Valentine/Love –
Disability as a Driver for Innovation

How was your Valentine’s Day?
Can you believe that the invention of typewriter, email, robotic maid/butler, and hearing aids were related to the impact of “Valentine” and “Disability”. Glad to share the inspiring message from Ruderman Family Foundation “Disability as a Driver for Innovation” which spotlighted how the impact of love towards lover and family has driven innovation to tackle the outcome of disability that changed the world subsequently. Here are the examples from the article together with other typical ones I added for your reference.


  1. Typewriter.
    The typewriter and carbon paper were invented by Pellegrino Turri in 1808, who helped his visually impaired GIRLFRIEND to use this innovative tool to type letter directly without dictating the message to any intermediary.
  2. Email.
    Vint Cerf, the first email protocols developer in 1972, facilitated this new communicate channel with his WIFE, who was deaf, while he was at work.
  3. Robotic Maid/Butler.
    Yossi Wolf, the former CEO of a robot company, came up with the idea of Robotic Maid/Butler after visiting his GRANDMOTHER. This grandson and his team realized what they should produce was not just a device for elderly people, but a modern and easy-to-use robot that would assist and entertain all kinds of people in different environment.
  4. Hearing Aids.
    Danny Cheung, the MIT engineering graduate had given up his further career development opportunity, instead, focused on technology breakthrough for the sake of alleviating his MOTHER’s hearing issue. His globally awarded hearing aids has uplifted the well-being of those who are hearing impaired and the elderly community worldwide.

Would you now echo with the paradigm shift that “disability is an asset instead of burden”?

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