A group photo of Inclusive Recruitment Fair 2022.

Participation in CareER’s Inclusive Recruitment Fair 2022

On October 22nd, 2022, Dr. Ilex Lam participated the Inclusive Recruitment Fair 2022 hosted by Care-ER’s Association. The job fair aimed to provided job interviews to candidates with disabilities and SENs. As one of the founding directors of the Board of Care-ER’s Association, Dr. Ilex Lam is proud of the progress of the Inclusive Recruitment Fair and the outcome of the participation for Disability Inclusion Index this year. 

In iEnterprise, we also committed to provide working opportunities and to promote inclusive employment to people with disability (PwD) under three main areas: care center, web accessibility, and engineering. We are looking forward to plan more, do more, and act more based on the concept of “social inclusion” in the future. 

For more information about CareER, please visit: https://career.org.hk