Dr. Ilex Lam is on the forum’s stage with other guests.

Smart City for All-Inclusive Challenges @ Social Enterprise Summit

With the existence of the smart city concept, the use of information and communications technology (ICT) becomes more frequent and common. The Smart City Blueprint 2.0, initiated by the H.K.S.A.R. government, has included hundreds of initiatives and digital infrastructure projects that was set to improve citizens’ living quality.

Smart City for All – Inclusive Challenges @ Social Enterprise Summit aimed to bring in speakers form different areas and industries, to share their own innovative ideas and strategies regarding Smart City development in six different areas: Inclusive Smart Living, Inclusive Smart Economy, Inclusive Smart Environment, Inclusive Smart People, Inclusive Smart Mobility, and Inclusive Smart Government.

iEnterprise A 100 Report

We, iEnterprise, were the co-organizer of this extraordinary event. Dr. Ilex Lam, founder of iEnterprise, was the chairman of the event as well. During the forum, Dr. Ilex Lam showed the “iEnterprise A 100 Report”, the report examined 100 HK website related to the daily life of people with disabilities across various industries and, surprisingly, on average, around 100-450 mistakes were found in these websites. For instance, spacer image missing from alternative text, language missing or invalid, etc.

This bar chart graph indicates the average mistakes per website.
Classification 2021 Average 2022 Average
Shopping 406.7 449.6
Medical 334.9 326.3
Job Searching 240.2 255.0
News 207.6 215.3
Traffic 224.6 213.2
Banking/Finance 173.7 177.0
F&B 247.4 171.4
Leisure 134.5 148.3
Virtual Bank 105.3 151.8
Education 81.5 80.4
Dr. Ilex Lam is sharing on stage.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Hazard Management

Ir. Dixon Kwok, CEO of iEnterprise, was also one of the speakers of the discussion panel regarding Building Information Modeling (BIM) hazard management. He specified that BIM and accessibility can work homogeneously and create something truly special. For example, a potential BIM and accessibility application for hazard management would be a hallway design concerning the mobility of wheelchair user (e.g., increase the hallway’s width for easy passage), to enable these users to have a quicker escape during an accidental event.

Ir. Dixon Kwok is sharing on stage.

A video about digital inclusion and inclusion design

Last but not least, Dr, Ilex Lam showed a video about digital inclusion and inclusion design filmed by iEnterprise. We coordinated with Teck Academy, to show how a more inclusive, more accessibility-friendly smart city design can help the living of the disabled.

We hope every participants of this event can appreciate the importance of integrating the principle of “Social Inclusion” and Smart City development for ALL in Hong Kong, and, ultimately, combine the two concepts and, together, create the ideal “Inclusive Smart City” in the near future.

For more information regarding Social Enterprise Summit, please visit: https://www.ses.org.hk

A poster for “Smart City for ALL – Inclusive Challenges”.