photo of receiving the award

April 24, 2023

iEnterprise Accessibility Center, Hong Kong’s first diversified inclusive team with a social enterprise operation, has once again been recognized for its outstanding efforts in promoting web accessibility. The centre has received four outstanding awards in both the Website Stream and Designer Stream categories of the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme (WARS), including the Gold Award, Recognised Designer Award, Designer Award, and Triple Gold Award. This marks the third consecutive year (2018-2023) that iEnterprise has achieved this level of recognition.

The awards ceremony saw Dr Ilex Lam, the founder of iEnterprise, join hundreds of other award winners in emphasizing the importance of promoting information accessibility to over 2700 listed companies, 4,000 Caring Companies, 6,000 large companies (with over 100 employees), and 340,000 SME corporate and institutional websites in HK. This, they noted, is critical to developing a “people-centric” digital inclusive community, in line with the “Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint 3.0.” By doing so, almost two million retirees and disabled people can enjoy the same benefits of technology as the general public, improving their well-being in the internet era.

Iris Wong, the co-founder of iEnterprise Call Center, explained that the business idea for the Accessibility Center was born out of frustration when a talented young man became visually impaired after a car accident during his study overseas. Despite his qualifications, the inaccessibility of the information on clients’ websites prevented him from being hired for customer service. With the belief that everyone is born with unique talent and deserves an equal opportunity in society, iEnterprise began researching and preparing to build a digital/Web Accessibility Team in 2016.

Since its inception in 2012, iEnterprise has been dedicated to unleashing the neglected ability and productivity of people with disabilities and underprivileged communities. The iEnterprise Accessibility Center has homegrown its inclusive team of IT professionals with partners, who are qualified by the International Association Accessibility Professional (IAAP), and now provides a one-stop solution for web design, including full-fledged accessibility assessment and conformance services to Web Content Accessibility Guideline WCAG 2.1 at Level AA and the Gold Standard of WARS. The centre also provides IT programming for corporate sustainability development and digital accessibility.

“iEnterprise is proud to have received these awards, and the Center will continue to work towards building a more accessible and inclusive digital community in Hong Kong” further committed by Ir. Dixon Kwok, CEO of iEnterprise.