Students are being introduced to use a wheelchair by us.

On September 16th, 2022, we, iEnterprise, had hosted two workshops regarding web accessibility and disability in Kwai Chung Methodist College in a collaboration with Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES). These workshops aimed to let students understand the importance of integrating the principle of “Social Inclusion” in daily life by experiencing various stimulated activities that people with disability were facing.

Web Accessibility Workshop

On one hand, the web accessibility workshop provided information about how web accessibility worked in general consensus, and students had a chance to experience how visual impaired people “read” information from various websites by using screen reader software (NVDA) blocking their eyesight, including a video search on YouTube.

Introducing screen reader software to students.
Students are experiencing how visual impaired people use screen reader by covering their eyesight.

Disability Workshop

On the other hand, the disability workshop provided activities that stimulated the daily experience of both visual impaired people and physical handicapped people. Students were divided into two groups: one group experienced stimulated activities of visual impaired people, such as drawing a specified picture on a piece of paper with their eyesight blocked, etc.; the other group experienced stimulated activities of physical handicapped people by using a wheelchair, such as touching a switch which located on a very high altitude, etc.

Students are trying to tie their shoes with one hand.
Students are learning to use a wheelchair.

We hope all the students now have a better understanding on the concept of “Social Inclusion”.

More future collaboration with FSES regarding school workshop will be announced soon. Stay tuned.