iEnterprise x Tecky 無障礙上網體驗任務

iEnterprise x Tecky Accessible Internet Experience Tasks

IT Specialists Experience on How Visually Impaired People Use Computers?

During the pandemic, we seldom go out for meals. Apart from ordering on phone, we can also place an order online. In the eyes of the majority, there are colorful food photos on the websites, but darkness for blind people. In such a sightless situation, how do they order the meal online?

As IT specialists, Jason and Joe’s eyes were covered, basically seeing nothing, for experiencing the way blind people order the meals and the feelings they have. Michael, an iEnterprise employee with severe amblyopia, would tell us the truth. He explained how could blind people use computers and the difficulties they face.

How to Use Keyboard and Mouse with Uncontrollable Tremors?

Unable to press the shortcuts, cannot click the specific button, making typos, accidentally closing the websites and failing to complete the “I’m not a robot” verification, etc. were the problems Jason faced when experiencing as a person having tremors.

In order to simulate the situation of people with tremors using the computer, Jason had two-finger gloves worn and was vibrated by a massage gun when trying to to complete the online form. This kind of simulation looks exaggerating but it shows how difficult people with tremors feel when using the keyboard or mouse.

How to Make a Website Accessible?

What is Web Accessibility?
The web should be designed for all people including those with disabilities to access the information.

One of the missions of iEnterprise is to promote accessible websites. Its website designer team is a Recognized Designer recognised  by the Hong Kong Web Accessibility Recognition Award Scheme. Ken, with experience in checking whether websites has accessibility elements, gave suggestions on how to improve Tecky Academy’s website.

First, option buttons were too small for people with tremors, so designers should increase their sizes.
Second, the color contrast of the website is too low for people with amblyopia, so designers should improve it.
Last, people with both amblyopia and tremors disabilities have difficulty in completing the “I’m not a robot” verification, so designers should remove it.